RWB 001

Tufted Brush

The roller wheel tufted brush is renowned for its versatile design, seamlessly adapting to different surfaces and shapes. Its reliability is evident in the consistent application of pressure, ensuring dependable and repeatable outcomes in tasks like cleaning, deburring, and surface finishing. Widely embraced in various industrial applications, from woodworking to metalworking, its adaptability makes it a dependable tool in diverse manufacturing processes.



 unit (mm)
 Max. Core Length, CL 88.888
 Max. Core Diamenter, CD 88.888
 Max. Core Inner Diameter, ID 88.888
 Max. Brush Diameter, BD 88.888
 Max. Brush Length, BL 88.888


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Additional information

Roller Brush

Wheel, Tufted

Bristle Material

Nylon, Polypropylene


Automotive, Conveyor, Electronic, Glass, Steel, Textile, Wood


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