RWB 003

Strip Brush

The strip roller wheel brush is versatile and well-suited for a broad range of applications, enhancing efficiency, precision, and ensuring consistent results in diverse industrial processes. This brush excels in tasks such as cleaning, polishing, or deburring on various surfaces. Its adaptability is a key factor, making it valuable across different industries and contributing to reliable and precise outcomes in manufacturing processes.



 unit (mm)
 Max. Core Length, CL 88.888
 Max. Core Diamenter, CD 88.888
 Max. Core Inner Diameter, ID 88.888
 Max. Brush Diameter, BD 88.888
 Max. Brush Length, BL 88.888


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Additional information

Roller Brush

Wheel, Strip

Bristle Material

Abrasive Nylon, Conductive Nylon, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Wire


Automotive, Conveyor, Electronic, Steel, Textile, Wood


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